WAEC Introduces Computer-Based Test for SSCE: Revolutionizing Examination in Nigeria

Mary Ubeet

WAEC Introduces Computer-Based Test for SSCE: Revolutionizing Examination in Nigeria

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has taken a giant stride towards modernizing examination procedures by announcing the introduction of Computer-Based Tests (CBT) for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) for private candidates. This monumental change in the examination format is set to revolutionize the way students approach their exams and brings Nigeria in line with global best practices in educational assessment.

Transition to Computer-Based Testing:

In a statement released by WAEC’s acting head of public affairs unit, Moyosola Adesina, the council unveiled its plans to migrate the SSCE for Private Candidates from the traditional Paper and Pencil Test to Computer-Based Examinations (CBE). This transformation is scheduled to commence with the 2024 mock SSCE, set to take place in February. The transition signifies a significant leap towards embracing technology in the education sector.

Hybrid Approach for Essay and Practical Papers:

WAEC’s adoption of CBT for the SSCE will encompass a hybrid approach for the essay and practical papers. While objective tests will be entirely computer-based, candidates will encounter questions displayed on screens for these papers, with answers recorded in paper booklets. This blend of traditional and modern examination methods ensures a smooth transition while retaining elements familiar to students.

Equity for Candidates with Special Needs:

WAEC has ensured that candidates with special needs are not left behind in this technological advancement. The examination will be conducted in urban centers and cities to accommodate all candidates, regardless of their locations. This commitment to equity ensures that every student has an equal opportunity to excel in their examinations.

Registration and Mock Examination:

Candidates intending to take the CBT-based SSCE can commence their registration from Monday, December 18, 2023. To facilitate a seamless transition, WAEC has arranged a mock examination scheduled for February 2024. This mock test will enable candidates to become familiar with the new examination platform, instilling confidence in their ability to adapt to the innovative assessment method.

Embracing Technological Advancement:

As Africa’s foremost examination body, WAEC is committed to providing reliable educational assessments and promoting academic and moral excellence. The introduction of CBT for the SSCE signifies WAEC’s vision of a future where all its examinations will be delivered via computer-based platforms. This technological leap reflects the changing landscape of education in Nigeria and reinforces WAEC’s dedication to staying at the forefront of educational assessment.


The introduction of Computer-Based Testing for the SSCE by WAEC marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s educational landscape. This innovation not only aligns with global best practices but also empowers students to adapt to technology-driven assessments. As students prepare for this transformation, they should embrace computer literacy, as this change promises to usher in a new era of examination excellence in Nigeria. WAEC’s commitment to equity and its forward-thinking approach position it as a leader in shaping the future of education in the country.

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