United Nigeria Airlines Expands Operations to Kano and Sokoto

Mary Ubeet

United Nigeria Airlines Expands Operations to Kano and Sokoto

United Nigeria Airlines, recognized as Nigeria’s fastest-growing air carrier, is set to enhance its network by opening new routes to Kano and Sokoto states. This expansion is part of the airline’s broader plan to connect various regions of Nigeria, fostering unity and economic growth.

Expanding Northern Connectivity

The establishment of offices in Kano and Sokoto, located at Malam Aminu Kano International Airport and Sultan Abubakar International Airport respectively, marks a significant step in connecting the northern part of the country. With inaugural flights to these airports scheduled between December 1 and 2, 2023, United Nigeria Airlines is poised to bridge distances and bring communities closer.

Strategic Expansion Plans

Chief Operating Officer Mazi Osita Okonkwo highlighted that the expansion into Kano and Sokoto, and the future inclusion of Edo, Plateau, and Borno states, aligns with the airline’s strategic vision. This move is aimed at uniting Nigerians across more cities, offering them increased air travel options, and enhancing economic activities across the nation.

Enhancing National Connectivity

Okonkwo emphasized the importance of this expansion in providing more travel options for Nigerians. The airline’s mission is to ensure safe and comfortable travel across Nigerian cities, thereby improving connectivity between families and boosting economic activities. This initiative is expected to enhance interactions among Nigerians and promote the natural beauty of the country.

Linking Diverse Regions

The expansion will not only connect the northern states to Lagos and Abuja but will also create opportunities for people in these states to connect with the southeast. This is a testament to United Nigeria Airlines’ commitment to expanding possibilities and fostering national unity through improved air transport services.

Preparations for Inaugural Flights

Preparations are already underway at the operational offices of the airline at the Kano and Sokoto airports, gearing up for the inaugural flight. This expansion signifies a new chapter in Nigeria’s aviation sector, promising enhanced connectivity and travel experiences for its citizens.


United Nigeria Airlines’ expansion into Kano and Sokoto is a significant milestone in Nigeria’s aviation industry. It represents not just the growth of an airline but the bridging of geographical and cultural divides, reinforcing the importance of connectivity in fostering national unity and economic development.

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