Uche Ndi Abia 2023: The Die Is Cast (2)

Indeed the die is cast and Uche Ndi Abia ,through the human vehicle called, Eleazar Uche Ikonne is truism. What therefore is expected from this quintessential Abia PDP flag bearer?

1. Savour your victory .
2. Reminisce,process the long ,tedius road to the victory.
3. Give honor to all that are deserving of the honour, most especially, God almighty.
4. Pursue peace with all men, especially,those hurt and wounded by the electoral surprises.
5. Adopt all Abians as your primary constituency; your godfather’s and the fulcrum of your administration.
6. Build bridges across party lines. Leave no visible stone unturned and leave the invisible ones for God to deal with.
7. Most aspirants respect you, as a person, reach out to them and convince them of your patriotism and magnanimity,their seeming prodigality not withstanding.
8. Rejig your campaign team and restructure according to current realities. Don’t exclude or undermine any facet of the Abia polity.
8. Appreciate the enormous task before and ahead of you and ensure that you tailor your manifesto along the line of progress and current need assessment of Abia state.
9. Share more private time with the incumbent Governor, and learn from him, especially, with regards to his regrets other than his perceived successes. I trust Gov Ikpeazu to be frank with you.
10. Given the manifest superiority of the Power of God over the devices of man and the devil, please never you lean wholly on your understanding but, in your ways, acknowledge God as the giver of life and power.

Kennedy Onyenma is a media consultant and strategist.

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