The Man Ikpeazu And His Personality

Since his assumption as the Governor of Abia state, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu has established himself as a pivot for the actualization of a just and prosperous Abia. His Leadership legacies and style are under under seventeen (17)distinct points:

1. His devotion to the establishment of an egalitarian society based on equity and fairness and his commitment to a purposeful and progressive leadership, no doubt, stands him out as the Father of Abia Renaissance.
2. Despite political vicissitudes and initial attempts to distract him, through the Courts, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu has been undaunted, unshaken and absolutely focused. He has never wavered in the cause of the Divine Mandate God ordained for him, which is to give his utmost to steer the ship of the Abia Enterprise away from the precipice.
3. He is a political leader whose humility, accessibility, versatility and productivity have defied all negative permutations. His unique grasp of developmental dynamics as well as his people-oriented disposition is an inestimable asset needful in the movement for Abia renewal.
4. His exemplary life, astuteness and impeccability; determination, hard work and a good sense of history confirm that he is, indeed, a man destined for greatness.
5. Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu is acknowledged as a friend of everybody in distress. His extra-ordinary sense of compassion and genuine love for the suffering masses has elevated his humanitarian feature beyond the mere offering of material or primordial succour.
6. Governor Ikpeazu is real and accepts his fallibility. He wears no sanctimonious cloak and takes no foe to heart. He is not equally given to vain glory. However, take him for granted at your peril!
7. His life is as glass as he is transparent to a fault.
8. Conscientiousness is his strength and a virtue deep in his vein. Sadly, that is one construct that is antithetical to the political realities of today. But Ikpeazu is not swayed!
9. He sticks to his conviction.
10. If, at age 29, young Ikpeazu was so focused to realize that he needed a PhD to bestride the murkiness of the academics, why would he then be distraught at 50+? His strategies are discernable only to a discerning mind.
11.That Ikpeazu is an embodiment of grace is a favour bestowed on him by his maker, and when grace speaks mercy is activated. And the mercy is so enduring that in his weakness his strength emerges. He has built his reputation on solid- rock dependability no wonder he exudes unwavering confidence.
12.He understands the terrain and he is doggedly delivering to precision.
13. He exudes mixture of street credibility,native wisdom and urbanity.
14. Because Ikpeazu knows God, fear and love him, he will not disappoint God!
15.He cherishes peace and pursues it with all men and that is why Abia state polity is rancour free.
16.His frugality, stemmed from his conservative upbringing, may be vilified by the ostentatious, but the sensible knows that he saves today for tomorrow.
17.May be he is not like everyday politician easily swayed by populist sentiments and views, but he is one who builds to last for legacy.

History, therefore, will remark Ikpeazu’s peaceful dispositions, especially, to the peaceful.
His resoluteness to the advancement of human capital, embedded in the small and medium enterprises;
his simplification of power;
his selflessness and unusual disregard to virulent diatribes and provocative tantrums of the most vengeful and restless bigots.

Because of Governor Ikpeazu sense of history, he won’t forget where he is coming from.
For his pragmatism, he will not detour from the route posterity is favourably disposed to.
For his resilience, he shall overcome the visible and invisible hurdles.
For the love of humanity, he won’t fail the vulnerable,
and for the love and fear of God, he will be true to his calling…an elder of the everlasting gospel.
Though he seems to run slowly but he sure will run through,with the Laurel deserving of a hero.

Kennedy Onyenma, is a public commentator


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