Rivers Residents Decry Economic Hardship, Insecurity In The State


Bestman Orji, Port-Harcourt

Some Residents of Rivers State have decried the high level of economic hardship in the state, lamenting that they can no longer make ends meet as a result of economic hardship in the country.

Respondents who pleaded anonymity narrated their experiences with bitterness, explaining that a situation where there is no money and the prices of goods are going up every day, leaves the middle class people in abject poverty, adding Civil Servants suffer the most.

This, they said has given rise to high crime rate within the state.

A respondent, who gave his name as Kenny was so shocked when he observed that his money wallet has been stolen as well as his handset.

Kenny who sobbed uncontrollably said that it was the last money in his house and his wife put to bed few days ago.

In his words: “So all my efforts are in vain for the day”.

Narrating his ordeal in the hands of hoodlums: “I was about entering a taxi to Ada George Road from Education Bus Stop and two of the three young men I met there dragged the vehicle with me. They made me enter at the back seat in the middle of two of them, and the next sat in the front seat.
“After a short while, they stepped down saying that they are not comfortable with the taxi.
“I suspected nothing, but the driver cursed them, called them names and told me to check whether my money is still in my pocket which I did and found out that the whole money I withdrew with my ATM had gone including my handset.
“I became more shocked than stranded. No money was left with me not even in the house. I had no money left in my Bank Account.
“There I remembered my new born child. I remembered my other children and closed my eyes in pain.
“I found myself in my house only for the driver to tell me that I fainted at the Education Bus Stop”.

Information gathered showed that many Nigerians have lost focus because the business is no longer flowing and Civil Servants became grossly indebted before the next salary comes.

While majority complained of scarcity of money in circulation, some others lamented of the increasing prices of food and services. The situation remains that many people can no longer make ends meet.

They called on all levels of government to as a matter of urgency create job opportunities and come up with policies that would alleviate the sufferings of the poor masses and curb the economic hardship in the country.

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