Reactions Trail Wike’s Political Miscalculation


The development in the People’s Democratic party (PDP) Presidential primaries concluded on Saturday 28th May 2022 and the eventual outcome have left Rivers State people and residents speechless. Our reporters went round to know the peoples reactions over Wike’s failure to win the presidential ticket of his party. Some residents who spoke with our reporters said the defeat suffered by Nyesom Wike is as a result of political miscalculations while others accused him of allegedly wasting Rivers fund in politics.

Mr. Obed Onyuke , a political analyst said that Rivers State could have been the Dubai in Nigeria if not the selfishness of the governor who always lavish the states money on presidential ambition. He said the North knows Politics more than the South and Wike’s political miscalculations led to his failure in the primaries.

Mr. Onyuke stated that Wike committed two political blunders in his quest to become the president of Nigeria. In the first instance, ganging against Peter Obi to frustrate him out from the Party and the Presidential race where he could had unite all the aspirants of the Southern extract notwithstanding the fact that he bought over the Eastern delegates.
He equally blamed Governor Wike for trusting the North more than his brothers. He said Wike had alliance with Tambuwal who at the end betrayed and played on the intelligence of Governor Wike and handed his support to Atiku. Adding that the clever game by Tambuwal has shown that the Northern political elites are more articulated, and intelligent than their Southern counterparts.

Another political analyst Mr. Chukwuemeka Ibe described governor Wike’s defeat at the presidential primaries as a prayer answered for workers and pensioners in the State. Adding that it is for their betterment. Mr. Ibe further explained that people are suffering in Rivers State, yet the governor was donating money to Northerners in the name of Presidential aspiration. Adding that the failure of governor Wike at the primaries will serve as a lesson to Rivers and Niger Delta politicians seeking power at the center.

The rest of those who spoke on governor Wike’s political miscalculations feel disappointed in the just concluded PDP Presidential primaries.They stated that Wike fell on the sword of conspiracy and brutal manipulation of Tambuwal, and Wike failed to read the hand writing on the wall knowing that Atiku is a Northerner and Tambuwal is equally a Northerner and two of them belong to Arewa who are always careful when dealing with the Southerners.

Some other Rivers residents who spoke with our reporters are seriously lamenting over the dirty environment of Rivers State, especially Obio /Akpor and the Capital City of Port Harcourt where refuse litter on all roads and streets. This according to them is as a result of his abandoning the state administration for his ambition to become the president of Nigeria. They said he spent huge amount of money during his campaign tour to the 36 states of the federation, and the implication now is that he can not financially sponsor the Rivers State Waste Management Agency (RIWAMA) to keep the City of Port Harcourt clean.

By Nzeuzor Jane & Bestman Orji P H.

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