Psychiatric Consultant Decries Increased Mental Health Illnesses, Advocates Extra Incomes

A psychiatrist resident in Port Harcourt, Dr. Ayodeji Oluwaseun says there is a link between economic hardship and mental health.

He advised heads of families and bread winners to speak up when necessary to avoid mental health illness. He said people quickly come down with mental health challenges when faced with stress and anxiety due to insufficient financial resources.

The consultant neuropsychiatrist, Oluwaseun in an interview with our reporter said, looking at the situation of things, it comes with a lot of frustration, anxiety, fear of the unknown, fear of tomorrow and fear of how the immediate family is going to survive.

He added that in order to dissipate this anxiety, fear and worry, it comes with a lot of anger which can be expressed to immediate family members.

He further said that with the current cost of living, heads of family and other breadwinners should learn to adjust their budgets and seek other sources of income in other to safeguard them against mental health.

Oluwaseun, however, advised breadwinners to gather their family and extended family’s together and explain the situation of things to them, cut down on how they eat and spend.

By Nzeuzor Jane Port Harcourt

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