Political Masturbation And Illogical Permutations By Politicians In Abia State Ahead Of 2023


Thunder does not strike twice at same direction in a village(Odionyenfe Uzu of blessed memory from Ndiolumbe Nvosi, in Isiala Ngwa South LGA, Abia State).

Abians have witnessed aggressive and unprecedented rate of purchase of Governorship Nomination Forms by politicians from different political parties in the State.

Sadly, some persons buying and submitting Governorship Nomination Forms to rule Abia State are simply intellectually porous and lack the 21st century traits/characteristics to govern a peaceful State like ours.

Indeed, some of these candidates are deceiving our people that God told them in their personal dreams that they should prepare to superintend over the affairs of Abia State in 2023 for a rescue mission. This is not true. God is not deceitful. God cannot reveal such strange dreams to them alone without Abia voters as witnesses.

I, therefore, advise such Governorship Aspirants to return to their malaria-induced dream and humbly ask God which year will this anti-Abians/development dream will be fulfilled. Certainly, it won’t be in 2023.

Thus, many parts of Nigeria have started reforming their political process. Initially, political process in some geo-politics of the country was controlled by 419 persons, thugs, area boys, touts, illiterates, stinking native doctors, ‘ritualists’ and criminals who foolishly believe in the dictum that “might is right”.

Thus, the contemporary reformation of political process in some peripheral Nigerian social formation is undoubtedly structured within the purview of integrity, discipline, capacity, intelligence, competence, honesty, vision, exposure and loyalty to the people for whom the 21st century global trajectory of democratic governance is designed to serve.

I have read with consternation some vexing inscriptions by some of our Governorship Aspirants who simply believe in Billboard Politics and good actors in fabrication of “white lies”. Some of these inscriptions are “”Abia State belongs to all of us”. “We are son of the soil and will not run away for them”

My question is, who is taking away Abia State from them? Has anybody in this State claimed ownership of Abia State since its creation in 1991?

As Political Scientist and Public Administrationist, I am currently researching on different political theories, their theoretical directions and application of their methodological premises to assist delegates dislodge all Governorship Aspirants whose record of previous stewardship to Abians is not only kleptocratic but antithetical to the development of our people.

Its, therefore imperative to state that there is causal interface between politics and history. I am currently adopting histo-political approach in the empirical research of some identified/selected theories, their assumptions, principles, applications, strategies, etc. They include theories of conflicts, game theoretical models, theories of revolutions and theories of wars. Paradoxically, war is a continuation of politics in all practical respect.

This new approach to understudy intra and inter party politics in Abia State, will obviously inflict severe pains on some political actors whose stock in trade is to undermine development of Abia State and their attendant vampiristic agenda against the general wellbeing of our people.

All typos are deeply regretted.

Dr Chris Nwagboso writes from Umuehim Nvosi, in Isiala Ngwa South LGA, Abia State, Nigeria.

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