Nigeria’s Burna Boy Makes History with Four Grammy Nominations

Mary Ubeet

Nigeria’s Burna Boy Makes History with Four Grammy Nominations

In the realm of global music, Burna Boy, the Nigerian Afro-fusion sensation, has once again etched his name in history by breaking numerous Grammy records. With his exceptional musical talent and ability to transcend cultural boundaries, Burna Boy has earned four nominations for the upcoming 2024 Grammy Awards, solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the international music scene.

Unprecedented Four Nominations:

Burna Boy’s impressive musical journey has been recognized with four Grammy nominations in different categories. His single ‘City Boy’ has been nominated for Best African Music Performance, ‘Alone’ for Best Global Music Performance, and his album ‘I Told Them’ for the prestigious Best Global Album category. Notably, Burna Boy secured another nomination for Best Melodic Rap Performance for ‘Sittin’ On Top Of The World’ featuring 21 Savage. This remarkable feat makes him the first Nigerian artist ever to receive four Grammy nominations in a single year.

First African Lead Artist Outside Global Categories:

Adding to his list of groundbreaking achievements, Burna Boy has become the first African lead artist to be nominated outside the global categories. His nomination for Best Melodic Rap Performance underscores the global recognition of his unique sound and artistic prowess, breaking new ground for African musicians on the international stage.

Record-breaking Total Nominations:
Burna Boy’s latest Grammy nominations bring his total count to an impressive 10, setting a new record for Nigerian artists. This achievement highlights his consistent impact on the global music landscape and his ability to garner recognition across multiple Grammy Award ceremonies.

Five Consecutive Grammy Nominations:

In a streak of historic accomplishments, Burna Boy has become the first African artist to earn five consecutive Grammy nominations. His journey, which began in 2019, has seen him consistently nominated at the prestigious awards, showcasing the enduring relevance and appeal of his music on the world stage.

Global Recognition and Cultural Influence:

Burna Boy’s Grammy nominations not only signify his personal achievements but also serve as a testament to the growing influence of African music on the global scene. His ability to seamlessly blend Afrobeat, reggae, and other genres has resonated with audiences worldwide, elevating the visibility of African culture and creativity.


As Burna Boy prepares for the 2024 Grammy Awards, the significance of his nominations extends beyond personal accolades. He stands as a symbol of the rich musical tapestry emanating from Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Through his groundbreaking achievements, Burna Boy continues to pave the way for future generations of African artists, demonstrating that the global stage is receptive to the diverse sounds and narratives emerging from the continent.

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