Nigerian Wigmaker Helen Williams Sets Guinness World Record with World's Longest Handmade Wig

Mary Ubeet

Nigerian Wigmaker Helen Williams Sets Guinness World Record with World’s Longest Handmade Wig

Helen Williams, a wigmaker from Lagos, Nigeria, has etched her name in the Guinness World Records by creating the world’s longest handmade wig. This extraordinary achievement has brought international acclaim to the Nigerian craftswoman, highlighting her skills and dedication.

The wig, which measures a staggering 351.28 meters (1,152 ft 5 in), was crafted by Helen over a period of 11 days, involving an investment of over two million naira (£2,031; $2,493). The Guinness World Records recognized this feat on its official platform, acknowledging Helen Williams’ record-breaking creation.

The construction of this massive wig started with an underlay made of wig-cap netting and black fabric, all attached to a bicycle helmet. Helen then completed this mammoth hairpiece using a whopping 1,000 bundles of hair, 12 cans of hair spray, 35 tubes of hair glue, and 6,250 hair clips. The intricate details and sheer volume of materials used underscore the complexity and scale of Helen’s task.

Despite her eight years of experience in wig-making, where she produces between 50 to 300 wigs per week, this project presented unique challenges. Helen shared her struggles with exhaustion during the process but remained motivated by the encouragement from friends and family. Her dedication and perseverance eventually led to the creation of the longest handmade wig in the world.

One of the biggest hurdles in this endeavor was finding a space long enough to lay out the wig for accurate measurement. After considering several venues, Helen opted to measure it beside the Lagos–Abeokuta Expressway, a lengthy road connecting Lagos and Abeokuta, due to its sufficient length.

Currently, this remarkable wig is housed in Helen’s office, where she welcomes anyone interested in viewing this marvel of craftsmanship. Helen’s joy at achieving this world record is palpable. She considers it one of the best experiences of her life, a testament to her skill and creativity.

Helen’s achievement follows another remarkable feat by her compatriot Hilda Baci in cooking, which has since been surpassed by Irish cook Alan Fisher. Her entry into the Guinness World Records not only celebrates her individual accomplishment but also shines a spotlight on the talent and potential within Nigeria’s creative sectors. Helen Williams’ story is an inspiring example of how determination, skill, and creativity can lead to extraordinary achievements, making a mark on the global stage.

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