Nigerian Lawmakers Advocate for the Establishment of Enugu Inland Dry Port

Mary Ubeet

Nigerian Lawmakers Advocate for the Establishment of Enugu Inland Dry Port

In a significant move to boost economic development, the House of Representatives has urged the Nigerian Government to prioritize the establishment of an Inland Dry Port in Emene, Enugu State. This call, spearheaded by Hon Paul Nnamchi and 14 other members representing Enugu East/Isi-uzo Federal Constituency, aims to increase revenue and enhance Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

A Strategic Economic Move

The motion, adopted at a recent plenary session, highlights the immense potential benefits of an inland dry port in Emene. Hon. Nnamchi emphasized that such a development would not only enhance trade and agricultural investments but also foster economic cooperation in the South East geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Addressing Transportation and Service Delivery

One of the key issues that the establishment of the inland port seeks to address is the efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods. The lack of a major inland port in Enugu, a crucial region in Nigeria, has been a significant barrier to speedy and efficient service delivery. The new port would serve as a vital link for inter-state trade and transport logistics.

Reducing Bureaucratic Delays

The member noted that bureaucratic delays in clearing and forwarding processes at major ports could be significantly reduced with the establishment of this inland port. Emene’s strategic location, with its existing infrastructure such as Customs and Immigration offices, proximity to military and oil establishments, and transportation hubs, makes it an ideal choice for this development.

Economic and Strategic Benefits

The proposed inland dry port in Emene is not just a transportation hub but a potential catalyst for economic growth and industrial development. It is strategically positioned to foster regional connectivity and enjoys proximity to both the Southern and Northern Regions of Nigeria. The abundance of solid minerals and agricultural produce in Enugu and surrounding areas further enhances the potential for revenue generation and employment opportunities.

Legislative Action

The House has mandated its Committees on Ports and Harbours and Legislative Compliance to work closely with the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) to develop a feasible modality for the port’s establishment. These committees are expected to ensure compliance with the resolution and report back within three weeks for further legislative action.


The establishment of an Inland Dry Port in Emene, Enugu State, represents a strategic investment in Nigeria’s economic infrastructure. It promises to unlock the region’s potential for trade and industrial development, enhancing the nation’s overall economic landscape.

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