Ncheta Omerekpe And His Funny Loan Documents


When I watched the unfortunate video where Mr Ncheta Omerekpe kept making reference to some documents, I became curious.

I became even more curious when I read a statement from one Nnamdi Okogbuo who addressed himself as the Director General of the Campaign Organization of Mr Omerekpe where he displayed some documents.

The lawyer in me came alive as I prepared to analyze the documents which Omerekpe and his team have made the fundamental foundation of their spurious claims. In the course of my corporate law experience, I was heavily involved in lots of international transactions involving mega projects and as such, I am sufficiently familiar with such documents. So I braced up.

The documents I saw are even more ridiculous than the initial claims made by Mr Omerekpe. The documents prove nothing and show no link whatsoever between Mr Omerekpe and the Government of Abia State.
The documents have no evidential value whatsoever and by no stretch of the imagination can any contractual relationship be inferred between Omerekpe and the Government of Abia State.
In one of the documents signed by Omerekpe himself, he, in his usual display of needless grandiosity, described himself as Consultant to the Government of Abia State on Loans! Whatever that means.
Who appointed him? With what instrument was he appointed?

Mr Omerekpe should know that if the Abia State Government appoints a person or company as Consultant, the Government will formally write letters of introduction on their behalf to the appropriate quarters.

One of the documents they presented is a letter written by Omerekpe to the Special Adviser to the President on Media, Mr Femi Adesina appealing to him to help bring some communication to the knowledge of the Secretary to Government of the Federation!
These people are just pathetic!

The documents displayed by Omerekpe’s team are worthless and present them as a bunch of unserious fellows.

Again, contrary to the claims in the statement, at no time did Mr Omerekpe make any presentation on behalf of the State Government before the National Assembly.
Defending a loan proposal before the National Assembly is serious business requiring a certain standard of mental acuity and intellectual gravitas. Such presentations are not an all comers affair.

In any case, the standard procedure of the National Assembly doesn’t even allow such presentations by Consultants. Only representatives of the State Government, and in this case, the Honorable Commissioner for Finance are allowed to make such presentations on behalf of the Government. In the case of Abia State, the presentation was done by the then Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Obinna Oriaku. The records are there.

Finally, I will advise Mr Omerekpe who is my elder brother to do a serious reassement of the character that is leading his team. A simple analysis of the statement signed by his Campaign Director General makes it easy to see why he keeps scoring own goals. The DG appears intellectually deficient and incapable of managing even a Councilorship election.

While Omerekpe claimed to have secured a 300 Million Dollar loan for the Abia State Government, his DG was busy telling tales of a phantom defence before the National Assembly. Assuming but by no means conceding that Omerekpe made any presentation, does that amount to securing a loan? Does the National Assembly give loans?One would have expected a DG who knows his onions to provide evidence to show that indeed, the said 300 Million Dollars allegedly secured by his principal was actually received by the Abia State Government.

While Omerekpe sounded a comedian in the video, his DG sounded like a stand up comedian in the statement.

These people should get serious, please.
It’s amazing how everyone has been kept busy all through today by what can be best described as HOT MESS!

Sir Onyebuchi Ememanka is the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu.

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