Letter To Abia PDP Delegates

One reason why you are the most sought after political “bride” today is not because you look good: fair or dark, ugly, beautiful or handsome; but,because, you have the temporal capacity to decide the fate of millions of people who look up to you,as a delegate,to choose who leads them in 2023.

This privileged duty calls for deep circumspection hence, you must ensure that you make good use of it to the interest of our people and to the glory of God.Wednesday, 25 May, 2022, is the day when your patriotism and sound judgement will be tested and few things there are to note about Prof Eleazar Uchenna Ikonne in order to assist you narrow your choice on him.

1. Please be informed that the reasons for the gang up against Professor Ikonne are not far-fetched , he is the candidate to beat. He is a Governorship frontline candidate. As far as Abia Guber candidates are concerned, Ikonne possesses all the requisite qualities of a good leader even his opponents know that much. Infact, Ikonne is, unarguably, the most qualified of all the Governorship aspirants in Abia state .
2. About his character? You should understand that, though Prof is a known disciplinarian a fact underscored by his antecedent at ABIAPOLY and ABSU ,he is equally amiable, humble and deeply compassionate. Ask anybody that knows him well and they will tell you that, “you don’t come hungry to Profs house and go away hungry,his wife must feed you.” I learnt it is the family tradition, may be because he is an Anglican Knight and Bishops warden? I am not an Anglican so I don’t understand the depth of those responsibilities. Somehow his religious inclinations seem to account for his good spiritedness.
Somebody also said ,” when we realised that Prof is accustomed to humanitarian service and to charity we decided to make his home the permanent venue for our meetings and it worked like magic,because you won’t leave Profs house without eating well and, at times,would leave with some pocket money. ”
That was long before he picked the Governorship form I was told.
Prof, may not spare the rod for the delinquents  but he will certainly not throw away the child with the birth water.
He knows when to use the stick or the Carrot.
3. Prof is 66 years ! It sounds old and rusty, right? But have you met Prof? Does he look his age? Is he vibrant,articulate and healthy ? Did you notice his physique, that he is not flabby and incapacitated in any way ? Have you listened to his speeches ? Do they sound old and ancient? Is he abreast with current realities in science , technology,Economics and emotional intelligence ? Does he look alienated to his immediate environment?
So what do you have against Profs age? Often, old age embodies experience and wisdom. It leaves one with an urgency to bequeath some lasting legacies for the generations to come.
That is one of Prof’s comparative advantage against his opponents.
With his very sizeable and contented family, Prof does not need to accumulate any more wealth, not for his already accomplished sons and wife, not at his age!
4. Prof isn’t a neophyte, either in politics or public administration. Yes,he may not be the regular politician, because he is a technocrat and have devoted much of his time to scientific and development researches, but he understands the dynamics of politics and leadership. He agrees that youths will be empowered, but in sync with the rules of productivity “Onye ruo ya erie”(you work and eat). Even the Bible says that, there is no food for a lazy man.
Having successfully run his private professional practice, he knows the nuances of business and the intricacies of African economics . He is schooled in international diplomacy as much as he is seasoned in local intelligence.
He is equally equipped with both paper and pragmatic qualifications in development economics and politics. He understands that life is totally dynamic.
Ikonne, survived Abia Poly and cured the malignant 2b naira debt.
He equally recovered Absu from the near comatose state placing it at the all time top in National University rating.
Prof has been an immensely valuable contributor to good governance in Abia state and Nigeria.
At various Political history, Prof has been eloquent and active in providing solutions for good governance.
5. Prof is not desperate. Give and take, he is an accomplished professional, so also is his wife and children. As a Professor, with many years of productive reckoning, he has entrenched his name among the league of statesmen with burning passion to find solutions to the lingering challenges facing our acutely depressed nation.The bureaucrats know him and the technocrats have evidences of his past results. In the comity of credible and seasoned leaders nobody will ask who Professor Ikonne is because they already know him.
So,why test other microphones when Prof is already tested and trusted!Indeed,
we have no time to experiment on green horns.
6. Prof is a game changer. During his brief stint in Abia Poly,where he went on a “rescue mission”, Profs activities spoke volume of his character, ingenuity and charisma. Please feel free to make inquiries about his stewardship so that you can be well informed like this writer. Don’t be presumptuous.
Similarly in Absu , Prof relinquished remarkable records of turn key transformations that history cannot skip. Look for an Absu alumni and ask about Prof Ikonne.
Also ask any Absu student around you about Ikonne. You are free to reach out to any lecturer in Absu and ask him or her about Prof Eleazar Uche Ikonne. Their testimonies are similar that, “Prof transformed Absu”.
7. Please forgive Prof if you suspect that he is the Governorship torch bearer. Truly it is not his fault.
That the incumbent’s torch located him is providential. Don’t hold it against him and don’t be envious ,Prof didn’t lobby for it. Osinachi.
Many fasted and prayed fervently for that torch to shine on them but God said know,remember that he rules in the affairs of men and chooses whosoever he desires to be the king.
If it eluded you today,then wait for your turn and don’t be desperate.
It is Prof Eleazar Uchenna Ikonne’s time, and no man can stop him.
You should rather be a part of the history.

Dear delegates, I therefore urge you to please vote Prof Ikonne as the PDP Governorship flag bearer.
Consider him for who he truly is: his pedigree, pronounced scholarship, profound personality and intimidating accomplishments, in Abia Poly and Absu. The records are available, including the statement of account.
Please drop that argument that is only predicated on clannish,uninformed and unsubstantiated presumptions,intentionally, peddled by distraught politicians.
Also remember that most of them are well known to Prof, thus, they will certainly come to mend fences when the chips are down,you won’t be there and they certainly won’t factor you into their reconciliation.

In conclusion dear brother / sister delegate, please stand out and stand firm, in support of a dependable brand, an egalitarian and detribalised, but principled leader. An innovator per excellence. A father figure. The sure triumphant and transformational Professor of repute, Uchenna Eleazar Ikonne.

Kennedy Onyenma is a public affairs commentator

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