Justin Ogbonna Hits Otti Over Claim To Clear Backlog Of Pensions, Gratuities

Dr Justin Ogbonna, a PDP chieftain and a renowned research fellow has taken a swipe on a statement credited to Dr Alex Otti that he will clear the backlog Pensions and Gratuities owed Abia Pensioners within five months as Governor. In a re- joinder titled
“Verily Otti is not the Messiah Abia Needs” which was made available to the press Ogbonna stressed that Otto was economical with the truth when he alleged that pensioners are owed 56 months when they were paid in December and maintained that Otti lacks moral standing to canvass for the welfare of ndi Abia when he “has never added any value to the GDP of an average Abian” . It reads:

Recently in a church program in Arochukwu,a program also aired on a National television, Alex Otti in his usual vainglorious vituperation cajoled members of the renowned orthodox church that he will offset the 56 months arrears owed abia pensioners as well as gratuities within his five months as Governor of Abia state .

Though his illusory promises were premised on the effect of a protracted hallucinatory psychosis ,however, Otti has not seized to amaze serious minded Abians as he has continuously proven that he lacks proper understanding of governance or he is out of touch with the realities of now.

Let’s assume without conceding that the Pensioners are owed that much, which of course exist only in the figments of Otti’s warped imagination,how on Earth would he perform the magic of settling 56 months arrears within five months ? Meaning he would have abandoned every other expenditure head, both capital and recurrent, in preference to Pensions and gratuity.

This obvious wild goose chase evinces the hollowness of the once over rated first class economist whose loquacious claims to building castles in the air have materialised only in the sphere of fictions, dreams and imaginations. I pity those he hoodwink.

In reality ,Otti has never added any value to the GDP of an average Abian ,check the records . In all his years as ED of first bank and MD of defunct Diamond bank Otti has no single investment to show in Abia state .He has not contributed to any meaningful discussion that could snowball into concrete development in the state or has he used any of his hyped international contacts to throw Abia state into limelight . His has been series of negative disruptive politics that tend to subvert Abias fortune to retrogression other than progress, were it not for the spirited doggedness of Governor Ikpeazu.

The question of the indebtedness of Pensioners does not arise as the government of Ikpeazu is not in denial that some arrears of Pensions and gratuities are being owed retirees what is perhaps a blatant fib is that pensioners are owed up to 56 months even when they were paid in December.

I advise that next time Otti decides to chase the shadows he should cross check his facts before appearing on a National television lest he diminishes what is left of his reputation further.

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