Ikechi Emenike Unveils Campaign Manifesto, Says He’ll Create 40,000 Jobs Within 12 Months In Office

Ahead of the March 11 polls, the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), in Abia, High Chief Ikechi Emenike, has revealed that the alarming unemployment situation in the state and the desire to find a lasting solution, remained one of the major reasons he wants to be the Governor of the state, while he will create 40,000 jobs within twelve months in office.
Briefing Newsmen in Umuahia, while unveiling his campaign manifesto, High Chief  Ikechi Emenike said he would tackle unemployment head-on, by establishing building blocks of development, through which he would create 5,000 viable jobs instantly when these institutions take off six months after his inauguration, stressing that this would be his short-term shock therapy against the monster of unemployment.
In addition, he said he would further create 35,000 jobs, bringing it to a total of 40,000 viable jobs within the first 12 months in office, through interventions in the education, agricultural, transportation, commerce, sports and health sectors.
Chief Ikechi Emenike
He said it is part of his cardinal policy to pursue the rehabilitation of all moribund industries in the state,as well as,work hard to revive all closed companies and encourage the establishment of new ones through his planned, new industrial parks to further provide jobs for the teeming unemployed population.”This will be top priority. Abians need viable jobs to be useful, fulfilled and flourishing citizens of our great country.
“Over our four- year tenure, we have mapped out 300,000 new and viable jobs for Abians through these interventions.
“As part of this, there shall be a distinct Ministry of Employment and Opportunities, which will receive the serious attention of the Governor. In addition,we will establish employment agencies in each Local Government Area of the state to coordinate employment opportunities”.
The APC candidate, however, added that he would seek partnership with local and international authorities to create opportunities outside Abia for the youths to find gainful employment and undertake profitable ventures.
Meanwhile, he said he would rescue and develop Abia with his 23 key deliverables, which includes, modernising and intensifying value- added agricultural practices within the state, making Abia the quality education belt of Nigeria by directly setting up and in some cases, inspiring the establishment of more tertiary educational institutions in the State.
“I am determined to be the Chief marketing officer of made-in-Abia products and services. Respect and strengthen our traditional institutions. Prioritize the building of roads and water infrastructure.Moreso, Abia will have a befitting international airport as it is long overdue “,he said.

However, High Chief Ikechi Emenike, revealed that he would commence the enhancement of Umuahia,Aba and Ohafia as modern cities, enhance the Gross Domestic Product,as well as the Gross Domestic happiness of Abians,among other deliverables.
Fielding questions from journalists, he said his mission is to rescue and develop Abia,as no state can be developed, without being first rescued. He said when he comes on board, he would grant Autonomy to the Local Government Areas,so they could develop faster, adding that their monthly allocation would be given to them publicly for the sake of accountability and transparency.
He added that there would be nothing like the personalization of security votes, but would put the funds to actual use, maintaining that Abia needs a fiscal policy re-engineering of Abia,as the state must get to the point where the budget size needs to double,else the poverty skyrockets.
However, the Abia APC guber candidate, expressed optimism that the presidential candidate of the APC,Sen Bola Ahmed Tinubu, would win his election going by his achievements in Lagos State,which other successive governments are still building on, stating that his  policies and programs gave Lagos state a shoot in its IGR, saying that,such act could be repeated if he wins the presidential seat.

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