I Work Over 20 Hours Daily Just To Make Extra Money For My People-Raymond Ofoegbu



It is nolonger news what Chief Raymond Ofoegbu has been doing for the people of his community.

The Ofeme born philanthropist has beaten records to stand out as one man whose love for his people is indisputable.

High Chief Raymond Ofoegbu,Onyinye Ohuhu

Ordinarily,one would wonder where and how did this young philanthropist,gets his wealth that he donates generously to good courses.

To satisfy this curiosity in the minds of people, during a media chat with newsmen at his Ofeme country home, in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State, High Chief Raymond Ofoegbu,who was on the same day of the media chat, inaugurating his Onyinye Ohuhu Foundation International and as well, Laying the foundation stone for the building of an Ofeme Mini stadium, said he gets the money which he spends for most of his projects that run into millions through hardwork.

The U.S based Nurse and Deputy Superintendent of Nigerian Immigration Service, further made a shocking secret of his wealth.

He said “Over there in the U.S you get paid according to the number of hours worked.That means your strength determines your pay.Whatever hours you can do,that is what you are paid.For me,i work over twenty hours daily so i can make more money.

“What i spend on my people is my sweat.My resources.I choose to sacrifice it for my people.I dont want my people to go through the suffering i went through.So whatever i know i can do,to help ameliorate their suffering, i will not hesitate to do it.

“Yesterday,my family had nothing,my mother can wear one wrapper for days without removing it.This is what i saw,i said i need to work harder so that i can help better the lot of my people”.

When asked what prompted the decision of a foundation, Chief Ofoegbu stated that he needed a foundation that would serve as a meeting point between him and his people and as well help to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. According to him, the Onyinye Foundation is basically set up to give back to the society the few gotten.

He said though the foundation has been in operation for years now, but he decided to launch it out officially so that people can have access to it.

Chief Ofoegbu disclosed that the foundation would take care of the free healthcare for the elderly, provide clothing and relief items for the women of Ofeme and Ohuhu at large, give educational aids to students,like laptops,ipads and other learning materials, as well as scholarship to indigent students.

On the area of youth empowerment,he said he would be using football to unite the youths of ohuhu,hence the foundation laying of the Ofeme mini stadium.

Chief Raymond Ofoegbu categorically stated that he is endeared to his people and also committed to their welfare,this he revealed might have given rise to the call from his people to represent them politically come 2023.

Responding further, Ofoegbu said, the youths are clamouring that he represents them in the State House of Assembly. A call he described as apt because the youths deserve better.

“I need to answer the call of my people.The road might not be easy but i know i will succeed.Rome was not built in a day.With God all things are possible.Am a selfless person,i will represent my people selflessly”.

Stating what his agenda would be when he is elected into the House of Assembly, Chief Raymond Ofoegbu said,he would first of all, ensure Ohuhu land takes his pride of place.

“This is what the late Michael Okpara represented.He was after the development of Ohuhu land.I will build on those legacies of late M.I Okpara.Such as the Ohuhu ringroad.In my first 100 days in office,i will ensure the roads linking all Ohuhu villages are constructed”.

He said the linking roads in Ohuhu are very dear to him,as most of their best brains have lost their lives while plying through the Enugu-Portharcourt Express way.

“I intend raising forty millionaires in four years when elected into the house”.

When asked how he intends to raise the millionaires, he stated that “It is very possible to raise millionaires.The money is there.I will sacrifice my personal salaries, allowances to my people.Am not after storing wealth, when my people are suffering”.

Reacting to the recent award of recognition given to him by a fast growing media outfit in Umuahia, as the “Icon Of The Year 2021”, Chief Raymond Ofoegbu said the award meant alot to him,as it helped in bringing him close to people that matters in the state.

The inauguration of the Onyinye Ohuhu Foundation International and the foundation laying ceremony of the Ofeme Mini Stadium was done by the Bishop of Royal Choice Ministries, Bishop Success Ibeakanma,who is also from Ofeme.

Shortly after the inauguration, a friend of Chief Ofoegbu who spoke with the press, Prince Emeka Ihedioha from Umuagu Afugiri, commended the gesture of Onyinye Ohuhu, saying that if the gesture of Chief Raymond Ofoegbu is replicated in all parts of Ohuhu, then the Ohuhu land would be blessed.

He called on Ohuhu sons and daughters to support the ambition of Chief Raymond Ofoegbu,stating that if he is elected to a higher position he would use it to better his people.

“Am here today, because i support what Onyinye Ohuhu is doing.Particularly i like to help people.Even the Bible stated it that it is more blessed to give than to receive.I come from a family that gives.I like to give.Giving does not remove anything from you, rather it adds to you”,he said.

Recall that Raymond Onyinye Ofoegbu was born on 14th of April 1985 in Kaduna State, into the family of Mr and Mrs James Ofoegbu,both from Umuebiziem Umuda Ofeme,Umuhu,Ohuhu,Umuahia Notth LGA of Abia State.

As a young boy,Ray as he was fondly called,grew in wisdom and intelligence and as a result of that,he was the toast of everyone because of his promising future he demonstrated as a child.

He started his early education in Amaetiti Community School Ofeme,where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate and was one of the few children in those days who showcased their high performance of academic excellence and brilliance.

Young Ray later attented Secondary Technical School,Ofeme,Ohuhu, where he sat for his West African School Certificate Examination and came out with flying colours, before he proceeded to Abia State Polytechnic cum IMT Enugu respectively.

In 2001, he attended Police College, Oji River, in Enugu State and joined Nigeria Immigration Service as an Assistant Inspector in 2006.Because of his outstanding performance and excellence in the discharge of his duties,he was among the few sent to the United States of America for an official assignment.

In his quest for quality education,he enrolled to study Nursing at Tarrant Country College,Dallas Fort-Worth Texas, United States of America, in 2017-2020.He has always been thirsty for knowledge and in his educational pursuit, determination for excellent achievement and positive advancements to a better future,he achieved this goal with Walmant E-Commerce Center Logistics.

For the sake of giving to his people, Ofoegbu, founded the Onyinye Ohuhu Humanitarian Aid Foundation,which became one of the mose vibrant foundations around,with amazing projects channelled towards giving succor to the society.They include establishment of a modern health center in Ohuhu, rebuilding market and providing funds for development of Ulonna Farm Settlement,for food supply and agro expansion.

The Onyinye Ohuhu Foundation had been working hard to put smiles on people through free medical services, delivery of wrappers to widows of Ohuhu and as well financing WAEC/NECO,JAMB registrations for students of Abia origin.

He constantly distributes learning aids such as laptops to undergraduates and also support indigent students with school fees.

Raymond Ofoegbu has graded many roads and reconstructed his community school field.He is the major sponsor of the Amaetiti Unity Cup to date,a move he yearly organises to bring the people of Ofeme together.

He is a helper to the downtrodden,a voice to his people and always seek to promote the welfare of others.

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