I Will Not Fight My Predecessor – Gov Ikpeazu


Chukwuemeka Egejuru, Umuahia

The Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, has made it clear that he does not intend and will never engage his predecessor in any fight or altercation as his interest is moving the state forward through massive development of infrastructure and other indices.
Gov Ikpeazu who disclosed this exclusively to the National Ambassador in an interview decried the pleasure people take in seeing political predecessors and successors in unnecessary fight that affect development of the society, adding that he dares to be different

Abia State Governor, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu (Ph.D)

He said: Human beings are created in that way, they love fisticuffs. That is why even in our native culture, when you see two birds fight, you put a knife in the ground and want them to fight to their deaths, that is why there is so much money in boxing and WWF. People like to see people hurt themselves; playing with swords and we call it a game.
The governor stated that his predecessors did not do everything, thus creating a job for him, adding that the man coming after him is coming because he (Ikpeazu) would not do everything.
He wondered why he should dwell in the past, stating that it was not in his nature to complain about the past as it will put a question mark to, “why did he take the job.
Gov Ikpeazu further said that he would want to be remembered for his administrations intervention in Tele-health, as an indigenous government approach to deepen health access to people, revealing that the state has over 500 primary healthcentres connected online with 15 doctors working round the clock.
He called on leaders at all levels not to use power against the led but be humble to appropriate it for good of the people.

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