Gov Ikpeazu: The Workman With A Brand


It is of essence we understand what Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State met on ground upon assuming office and the expectations of the citizens. Unluckily, Gov. Ikpeazu was not one of the governors in Nigeria today that had so much to start with upon their emergence. For Ikpeazu, it was just a collapsed building that needed a new foundation for it to stand.

Before the 2015 general elections, Abia state was associated with all the wrong stories: the security risk caused by high rate of kidnapping, plus the dilapidated roads that were death traps and moribund business ventures that spoke of a once glorious past, more especially in Aba, the commercial city.

Infrastructurally, Abia was sitting on a keg of gun powder, waiting patiently to explode. There was a dire need for change and that change of narrative has been initiated by Gov. Ikpeazu. How it is being done remains a puzzle to Abians considering the extant realities in Nigeria.

The continuous push and commitment by the present administration to change the infrastructural decay has given the state a facelift. The construction and rehabilitation of dilapidated roads in the state has become the way forward in solving the drowning economy, especially in Aba which provides the largest market for the entire southern Nigeria.

Within six years, Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu has shown political will and commitment in eradicating poverty through various youth and women empowerment, sustenance of growth and development and the integration of Abia into the world economy.

Another gaint stride of Gov. Ikpeazu is visible in trade and commerce, which is one of the bedrocks of his administration. With the favourable environment and right policies in place for SMEs to thrive, more opportunities have been created for Abians and more investments in the state. Currently, Gov. Ikpeazu is running at the velocity speed of high developmental strides. Abians have come to appreciate his efforts towards promoting and making Abia the power house of SMEs in Nigeria.

Gov. Ikpeazu’s commitment in changing the negative narratives of the state has improved the living standard of Abians. The completion and commissioning of 120 road across the state is an indication that truly, Gov. Ikpeazu is not just a workman with a brand; he is a vector quantity with magnitude and direction.

Finally, Abia under Gov. Ikpeazu has made tremendous progress, changing the political climate, providing a continuous reorientation of citizens and creating an atmosphere of peace and security for development to thrive in the state.

Kingsley Maduforo writes from Umuahia.

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