Eunisell Commits to Enhancing Nigeria's Oil and Gas Production in Response to Growing Market Needs

Mary Ubeet

Eunisell Commits to Enhancing Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Production in Response to Growing Market Needs

Eunisell Limited, a prominent player in specialty chemicals and oil and gas solutions in West Africa, has pledged to work closely with industry stakeholders to boost Nigeria’s oil and gas production. This commitment was articulated by Chika Ikenga, Managing Director of Eunisell, during the 41st International Conference and Exhibition organized by the Nigeria Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE).

The conference, themed “Repositioning the Oil and Gas Industry for Future Energy Dynamics,” served as a platform for discussing the future direction of Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. Ikenga emphasized the critical role of NAPE in nurturing skilled Nigerian industry professionals and in the development of strong domestic oil and gas enterprises.

Ikenga asserted that Eunisell is strategically positioned to capitalize on the opportunities arising from the push for reserves and production optimization. He underscored the importance of increasing oil and gas output to satisfy both local and international market demands, a goal central to NAPE’s mission.

With over 27 years of experience, Eunisell has established a reputation for delivering sustainable chemical solutions in both onshore and deep-water operations in Nigeria. Ikenga highlighted the company’s expertise in specialty chemical applications, which tackle various operational challenges and enhance productivity.

Eunisell’s offerings include the design and construction of Production Facilities, providing cost-effective solutions from appraisal to mature field production optimization and enhancement. The company’s modular early production facilities are particularly noted for enabling accelerated cash flow in marginal fields and reducing investment risks. Furthermore, Eunisell also offers advanced gas processing facilities and well testing services.

Ikenga reaffirmed Eunisell’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainable, collaborative partnerships. This approach aligns with the company’s goal to continue shaping the future of the energy sector in West Africa and to contribute meaningfully to the evolution of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. The collaboration with NAPE is a testament to Eunisell’s dedication to driving significant improvements and adapting to evolving energy dynamics in the region.

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