Between Drowning Senate “Daft” Adeyemi, His Murderous Sponsors And Abia State: Matters Arising (Part One)


By Eze Chikamnayo.

On the 23rd of February, in a futile but fatal flight to infamy, a certain political misfit and psychopath from Kogi State that calls himself Smart Adeyemi decided to wilfully provoke and unjustly denigrate the good people of Abia State and its Visionary Leadership on the floor of the Nigerian Senate.

Deluded and desperate, the “Daft” “Dull” and “Demonic” but hypocritically branded “Smart” Adeyemi motivated by sheer idiocy and stark chicanery, danced naked before a shocked Senate.

Unknown to his unsuspecting audience, he was dancing to the deadly drumbeats of retributive forces hunting him with ancestral curses emanating from the many atrocities he committed against the unfortunate people of Kogi West whose blood was callously shed on the streets of Kogi during the last blood-soaked elections in that turbulent and beleaguered State.

In an unprecedented show of bad faith, the Daft Senator Dull Adeyemi, like the pig he has always been, decided to swim in the gutters by unleashing tirades on the Governor of a sister state while claiming to have been responding to some unverified social media articles against his blood stained benefactor.

He did not care to verify from Abaribe , who was seated there with him at the Senate, and whose remarks he was purportedly replying to.

He did not cross-check his sources as every other reasonable man would do.

He rather chose to cowardly go after the integrity and unblemished reputation of our innocent, quintessential and decent Governor, Dr Victor Okezie Ikpeazu.

Sadly, when confronted by Abaribe with the fact of his gross unprofessional conduct – that the social media sources of his silly, frivolous and false vituperations were fake and non-existent, he failed to promptly retrace his satanic steps and retract his oozing fallacy all because he was simply out to impress the subterranean forces that foisted him on the Senate.

Regrettably, these impulsive outburst and persistent maniacal behaviour of Adeyemi is ironical in so many ways:

The first irony is that drowning Adeyemi should have known better if he was not a half-baked Journalist. This is because all professional journalists are known to verify and authenticate the source of their stories before publishing or reacting to them. This is the sacred requirement of the Journalism Profession which someone who at one time has accidentally held office as NUJ President should preach and practice.

Secondly, Adeyemi lacks the morality and ethical background to question any Nigerian of any persuasion talkless of a First Class Governor whose sterling academic accomplishments, excellent official performance and high moral standing is evident for all and Sundry.

Nigerians would recall that in the 80s and 90s, Adeyemi was a very hungry camera man at the Nigerian Television Authority, Ilorin. But Instead of using that platform to advance his academic knowledge like most of his decent colleagues did, he allegedly doubled as an in-house gigolo for widows and unmarried old women at the NTA.

In the process, he was said to have been fingered in the illicit pregnancy of one of his seniors, Yemisi , from Omu-Arah in Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State and then forced to legalise their ill-fated union by the management and relations of his hapless victim.

That was the crude, unscrupulous and reckless reputation Adeyemi bequeathed to NTA Ilorin before his disgraceful exit from that foremost institution. And that was how instead of improving his skills and academic qualification, Adeyemi ended up professionally stranded and technically useless to NTA.

The third irony is that this stranded, idle and hungry Adeyemi was fed and made relevant again by the benevolence of an Igbo man from the same Abia State he now seeks to disparage. Like I said earlier, in the 80’s and 90’s, Cameraman Adeyemi of NTA Ilorin was drafted to cover the Baseball Tournament going on in that city by the main sponsor of that Tournament, Late Engineer Eddie Okafor, the Managing Director of Adkaf Engineering Company.

Through this kind Igboman from Abia State, the shit that calls himself Smart Adeyemi got connected to the National Baseball Team. Subsequently, Late Engr. Eddie Okafor also bankrolled the poor hungry Adeyemi to participate in the International Event at Canada… And, remember, all these favours from the State he now falsely villifies !!!!

Engineer Eddie Okafor did not stop there. When the NUJ Presidency was zoned to the North Central Zone, it was this same Abia man with Abia money that drowning Adeyemi approached and he sponsored the Daft deviant of an Adeyemi – to contest and win the coveted office.

As usual, because of the perennial affliction of arrogance, ingratitude and amnesia, that has long become his trademark and waterloo, the professional beggar and lackey called Adeyemi chose to forget all these favours coming to him from Abia State but rather choose to behave like the proverbial overfed Nwa Nza that challenges his god to a wrestling match.

As NUJ President, Daft Adeyemi was temperamental, brash, banal and brutish. He made up for his lack of competence and intellectual depth by intimidating and harassing his fellow comrades. His selfishness, haughtiness and self-afflicted bouts of inferiority complex was legendary.

In a tenure marked by brazen corruption, Senator Daft Adeyemi was notorious for selling awards to Oil Rich Governors. He personalised the NUJ leadership and went cap in hand from State to State in search of filthy lucre. Thus, while the reputation of NUJ suffered a terrible blow and decline, Daft Adeyemi mischievously smiled to the Banks.

He became a willing tool and lackey to oppressive regimes and validated anti-democratic elements, unscrupulous businessmen and other questionable characters with all manner of ” cash and carry” NUJ awards.

That was the darkest period of NUJ in Nigerian history.
And that was how this hopeless photographer extorted the Senatorial ticket of the ruling party and came to the Senate to further inflate his over-bloated ego.

During his first stint at the Senate, Daft Adeyemi was unheard and unsung. He wasted eight years without erecting a single kiosk in his constituency. Back home in Ilorin, he still squats in his mother’s renovated house while wantonly lavishing the wealth and opportunities of his people in frivolous urban fantasies.

No wonder in 2015, his people quickly yanked him off from the Senate and escorted him back to political oblivion. He became broke, bitter, down and out.

After months of grovelling at Luggard House, Governor Bello mockingly made him a member of a ceremonial Advisory Committee with a monthly stipend of fifty thousand naira. It was from there he was dusted up and drafted as a pawn of the ruling party, APC, when confronted with the growing influence of the irrepressible Senator Dino Melaye.

Yet , Daft Adeyemi was so unpopular that despite the gruesome gunshots from hovering helicopters added to his fetish rings plus numerous incantations he still lost the last election woefully and had to be smuggled back to the Senate through some questionable technicalities at the controversial Election Petition Tribunals.

So, we can all pity Senator Daft Adeyemi. His tortuous journey has affected his mind. He has unwittingly become a permanent epileptic, robotic lackey of the blood-thirsty bigot at Lokoja.

But, he must thread with caution.

His inordinate ambition to become Governor after Bello must not push him beyond his bounds. If he thinks that by attacking the Abia Governor he could garner the applause of his hallucinating benefactor, let him think twice.

The Senate of Nigeria today is populated by mostly accomplished men and women. Therefore, sponsored lackies and hirelings who lack vertebral columns like Daft Adeyemi should have no place in that hallowed Chamber.

When yoked together with great men, imbeciles overreact to impress. This is the unfortunate dilemma of that despicable dullard that calls himself “Smart” Adeyemi.

Abians all over the world have taken note of his unwarranted attack and unprovoked effrontery. We are waiting and ready. For the man who allegedly rounded up the women leader of his former party and set her ablaze with her family, we do not expect Daft Adeyemi to exercise his denatured conscience any longer.

All he needs to know now is that we are ready and waiting for him. And in no distant time he will see the outcome of his foolishness, if he does not tame his unbridled tongue with dispatch.

A word is enough for the wise !!!!

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